Just like in a cafe, we talk about everything. Nothing heavy. Just talk over a cup of coffee.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Coffee Talk

Out of my frustration because i cannot edit or do anything with my old blog, I decided to start this new blog.
In this new blog, I want to have a blog where i can post any simple thing that just across my mind.
Not complicated things, just simple stuffs.
That's why i name it "Pratana Coffee Talk".
Imagine when we meet people in a coffee shop, like in Starbucks (my favorite place), then we bump to a friend, know someone new and suddenly we have already in the middle of a conversation. Not a heavy one, just light conversation and fun.
Kinda coffee talk.
Well, I think it is my very own coffee shop, the cyber version, and hope you enjoy with what you read when you drop by in my place.

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