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Monday, August 27, 2012


Did you know that oolong, black and green teas all come from the very same plant? Like all other true teas oolong tea grows on an evergreen camellia tea tree.

One of the things that makes it different from the other teas is the time of harvesting and preparation of the tea leaves. Because of its harvesting process and the amount of time it is fermented ,oolong tea lies somewhere in between black and green tea.

Oolong tea goes through a number of stages while being produced in order to present a good aroma and flavor. This tea is made up of different leaves and the partial fomenting provides the tea with a distinctive red coloring and a taste akin to orchid flowers and sometimes even a rich fruity taste.

Of all the different types of tea oolong tea is recognizable for it particular rich aroma. It does take time and care when processing this tea.

There are different kinds of oolong tea. However, just like all other teas it is very beneficial in encouraging an increase of energy while being good for your teeth, bones and skin.

Oolong tea is loaded with the same anti-oxidants found in all the other teas while having the ability to aid in weight loss as it improves the metabolism. The brain, heart, liver, kidneys and stomach also find comfort in the use of oolong tea. It also boosts the immune system of the body so that viruses and other diseases are easier to fight off.

Since oolong tea has the right kind of anti-oxidants to guard against the effects of free radicals it is very beneficial in controlling the effects of aging and damage to the skin by harmful UV rays of the sun.

Other diseases that benefit with the use of oolong tea are Alzheimer and Parkinson disease as well as arthritis and heart disease. Hosts of many different cancers find there entrance blocked when incorporating oolong tea into the diet. The natural anti-oxidants needed to guard against many ailments are present within the chemical makeup of oolong tea.

Although there are so many different blends of flavor in oolong tea, you will be sure to find your favorite by giving them all a try till you find the perfect balance of aroma and flavor that is right for you.

Whether you prefer your oolong tea hot or cold it is sure to be very healthy and extremely delicious. Oolong tea is available in different tastes such as toasty, smoky, floral and fruity.

Often fruits are added to the blend of oolong tea to enhance its natural flavor. Some oolong teas come in coconut, orange, orchid, peach and almond blossom. There are also other flavors of oolong tea as well as black dragon tea.

Therefore, if you're searching for a fantastic tasting tea that is not as strong as black tea yet not as mild as green tea, with an assortment of different flavors to choose from then oolong tea just might be your cup of tea.


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