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Monday, May 3, 2010

No reason to be stupid

I bought Wacom tablet, Intuos 4, in February 2010.
And started to learn to paint digitally using photoshop and the tablet. And I don't have any teacher who can teach me how to.
So I began a quest in youtube a video about "how-to" paint digitally and "how-to" use wacom tablet. I downloaded about a hundred "how-to paint digitally" videos from youtube.

After sometimes learned (and still do) and got results with various degree of satisfaction, I come to the phase where I can say that I can paint digitally with my photoshop even tough i am still not an expert.

What i am trying to say here is how great the times we live right now. We just can get any information or knowledge about something that we need to know in the internet. So there is no reason to be stupid in these days. The key is the willingness to learn. Because the knowledge is there, and we just google it and retrieve it and learn it.

Here is the latest of my digital painting, using photoshop and wacom intuos 4, and 3 hours of time. Tony Stark of Iron Man in comic style.

I am pretty satisfied with the result even tough i know it is far from what i expect.

For you who wants to get the larger file can download it from:

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