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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


There are plenty of new toys in "The Dark Knight Rises" to get excited about -- the introduction of Bane, the fast-forward timeline, Anne Hathaway in black leather. But there’s plenty of room to update the old toys as well -- namely, Hans Zimmer’s mood-setting score, among the best traits of the Bat-trilogy.

Zimmer’s been tight-lipped about details of the film; indeed, he playfully deflected our questions earlier this year. But he isn’t so reluctant to talk about the things he’s added for his score, third overall for the Nolan-verse. Upping the ante for “Rises,” Zimmer crowd-sourced thousands of fans to record their shouting for an experimental cacophony.

“I’m hellishly ambitious on that. The chant became a very complicated thing because I wanted hundreds of thousands of voices, and it’s not so easy to get hundreds of thousands of voices,” he said in an interview with Collider. “So, we Twittered and we posted on the internet, for people who wanted to be part of it.”

Batman fans were a little overzealous to respond, of course. “The first Tweet that went out just melted our server because we had tens of thousands of people a second, trying to get onto the site,” Zimmer said. But can you blame them? It’s not like Nolan would take direction on the story, after all. Contributing to the score is as close to participation as fans can get.

For Zimmer, the artistic payoff is worth the hassle. “You always want to create a sound that nobody has ever heard, but I think, this time, we might be doing that.”

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